How Do You Say Honor the Agreement in Spanish

When it comes to conducting business deals and transactions, honoring agreements is a crucial factor in building trust and establishing credibility. Whether you`re working with Spanish-speaking clients or partners, it can be helpful to know how to say “honor the agreement” or “keep your word” in Spanish.

The phrase most commonly used in Spanish to express this sentiment is “cumplir con el acuerdo.” “Cumplir” means “to fulfill” or “to carry out,” while “acuerdo” is the Spanish word for “agreement.” So, when translated directly, “cumplir con el acuerdo” means “to fulfill the agreement.”

Another common expression in Spanish that conveys a similar idea is “cumplir la palabra.” “Palabra” means “word,” so “cumplir la palabra” translates to “to keep your word” or “to honor your word.”

If you want to be more specific and refer to a specific aspect of an agreement, you can use the phrase “respetar los términos del acuerdo.” “Respetar” means “to respect,” while “términos” means “terms.” Essentially, “respetar los términos del acuerdo” means “to respect the terms of the agreement.”

It`s important to note that these expressions are formal and polite; they`re appropriate for business settings, but may not be appropriate for casual conversation or interactions with friends and family.

In conclusion, if you`re looking to say “honor the agreement” or “keep your word” in Spanish, you can use the phrases “cumplir con el acuerdo” or “cumplir la palabra.” To refer to specific terms within an agreement, you can use “respetar los términos del acuerdo.” With these phrases, you`ll be able to communicate the importance of honoring agreements and maintaining trust in a business or professional context.